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"When my eyes weak up and they see that I'm still living with you, Peru, excited I thanks the sky for giving me life with you, Peru..." Contigo Peru, popular song.

If there is one word to define Peru, it should be diversity.

This beloved country, Peru, by almost 30 millions of proud Peruvians has been blessed by the nature:

- Peru has the three natural regions: Coast, Mountains and Jungle.

- Peru has 84 of 104 ecosysthems that exist on our planet.

- 20% of the birds and 10% of the reptiles live in Peru (not in APU, no worries ;)

- There is always a place in Peru where is Summer!

- Thanks to the fussion of native traditions and cuisines of Europa, Africa, China, Japan and Middle East, Peru has one of the best and most varied cuisine in the World.

- The longest wave of the world is in Peru (Chicama), our beaches are a paradise for surfers from all over the world.

There is even more and more reason why Peru is an amazing country to visit. If you want to have more information about where to go, festivities, and much more, we suggest you to visit the followin web: