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Do you know that you can find the sun all year around in Lima? Yes! It is true!

Yes guys, there is much more to see in Lima that just the city, and that means that you can find at least 25 °C during all the year at less than 1 hour away from Miraflores or Surco.

There is a bunch of great outdoor places in Lima to visit, and you can get it by your own or there are some great and cheap agencies that organize days or weekend trips.

On this page, we will show you some of these places. We embeded some videos that we found on youtube so that you can have a better overview of this places.


- Located 30km away from Lima, at 900 m.o.s.l.

- Annual average temperture: 23 °C.

- Chosica is a distric of Lima city and the main door to the Peruvian Central Andes.


- Located 90km away from Lima, at 3900 m.o.s.l.

- Ideal place for camping, after a trek of 3 hours walk. Horse rentals is also available.

- Marcahuasi is an amazing stone forest.


- Located 100km away from Lima, at 700 m.o.s.l.

- Annual average temperture: 21 °C.

- Lunahuana is great place for party, Pisco testing tours, and rafting.

Matucana - Antancayo waterfalls

- Located 75km away from Lima, at 2300 m.o.s.l.

- During the day 22 °C, at night 10 °C.

- Matucana is ideal for camping in front of the Antancayo Waterfalls after a low level trek of 1.5 hours walk.

Enjoy Peru and enjoy APU!!!

Marisa, Jose Luis, Clive and Qcha

APU Team