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The safest way to get the houses from the airport.

Are you wondering how you will get the houses, easily, faster and risk free?

Here you go! we are working with a friend of APU (Lucio) who can offer you guys transportation services and airport pick ups.

You must contact him directly because APU doesn't provide this service. He's highly recommended and an old APU friend.

How much does a taxi service cost from the Airport to Miraflores or Surco?

If you take an official taxi company from the airport to Miraflores or Surco, prices vary depending on the company:

To Miraflores: Between s/. 100 to s/150 (Peruvian New Sol)

To Surco: Between s/. 100 to s/. 170 (Peruvian New Sol)

If you take a taxi on the street, you can could get the following rates:

To Miraflores: s/65 (Peruvian New Sol)

To Surco: s/. 75 (Peruvian New Sol)

But honestly guys, if you are with all your stuff, it is highly recommended to take any safe transportation service.

How much time does the ride from the airport take?

To Miraflores: Between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

To Surco: Between 50 minutes to 1:10 hour.

Enjoy Lima!

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