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LIMA - City of Kings

Lima gris, Lima bella, Lima chola, Lima serrana, Lima criolla..... Lima, city of contrasts.

Hello everybody, here you will find a small overview about Lima. As you probably should have heard, Lima has the reputation to be a gray, foggy and dangerous city, but that is not all true.

- Do you now that you can find the sun, all year around, in some districts in Lima?

- Do you know that Lima has some of the districts the safest in America? Not kidding.

So, please, give a small overview of this page, watch the videos that we found on youtube, and for more information, click on the link below.

Enjoy Lima!

Lima in Wikipedia.

- Lima is a city of contrasts. You can find the old historic Spanish-sytle downtown, and moderns Northamerica-sytle areas.

- Unhappily, you can also find very poor areas, and very expensive areas where the square meter cost over US$3000, believed or not.

- Lima, because it proximity to the Andes Mountains, has 12 microclimates (video). That makes that district like Chosica or Chaclacayo, 40km from Miraflores and Surco, can have and average of 25 °C all year around.

- Security level in Lima vary depending on the district where you are living. There is a lot of information about on Internet, and it is sure that any embassy has information about.

- Miraflores, Surco and San Isidro are districts where the local goverments expend an important part of their budgets in local secutiry. It means, that you can walk around and nothing is going to happend, so no worries about security in these areas.

- Lima has a great variety of restaurants for all budgets, so do not lose the oportunity to enjoy all what can offer you the gastronomic capital of Southamerica.

- But Lima is not just the city. Lima has to offer you a great nature for different outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing, rafting, surfing, and so on.

- Lima was founded in January 18th in 1532 by Francisco Pizarro, And later during, it was called by the Spanish as the City of the Kings.

- Today, Lima has almost 9 million of people from differents races, ideologies and orginis.