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Office hours: 9:00 - 17:30 Monday to Friday. Peruvian Time.

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APU's Principles

What do we believe in?

- Equality

We believe on the equality of oportunities for everybody. We do not discriminate by race, religon, sex, or any other factor.

We give the same oportunity to book a room to anybody who contact us.

- Imparciality

We always look for the fair cause and the middle point of the different interest between the room tenants and owners, doesn't matter who they are.

If unhappily, it would be any issue between tenants and landlords, we will always refer to all information provided, our terms & conditions, and the Peruvian Civil code, so that we can resolve any situation in the right and fair way.

- Transparency

We believe on information's transparency. We will always give you the right information, and we will continuously update the information that we provide.

Considering that the booking decision has to be taken before arrival in Peru, we will always try to provide as much information as we can about the houses and the rooms by text, photos, videos or any other way, so that you can make great decisions.

We make efforts to provide all information about our terms and conditions clearly, so that people can know that before booking.

- Respect

We respect any culture, ideology and people. We also respect the Peruvian law and society rules, and we will always ask and demand all people who live in APU to respect that.

- Dialogue.

We believe that the dialogue is the best way to resolve any issue. If something is happen, we will always able to dialogue and to look for the solution, based on all information provided.

- Continuous Improvement.

We make efforts to learn and improve our process continuously, so that we can offers you a booking process increasingly easy, fast and efficient, and better APU experience.

Enjoy Peru and enjoy APU!!!

Marisa, Jose Luis, Clive and Qcha

APU Team