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Our Mision and our Vision

What do we do? ... Where are we going? ... What do we dream?


"APU is a network of student shared houses and apartments, that provides housing solutions and facilitates positive experience to young adutls from all over the world during their time in Peru. To be able to offer that, APU manage a network of real state owners who provide the houses, and a network of different business-partners that offers benefits for the people who live in APU. Doing all these, APU creates an international network of friends, and makes sure that the experience of the people will be memorable"


"APU is a leader organization that evolves and fits to the needs of who is looking for a temporal place to live and at the same time is looking for having great experiences during that time, by offering products and services that exceed their expectations."

Enjoy Peru and enjoy APU!!!

Marisa, Jose Luis, Clive and Qcha

APU Team