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What is APU? ... Who are we? ... What do we do? ... What do we dream? ... Why we are doing this?...

Welcome everybody!

Thanks for taking your time for getting to know more about us :), it's nice of you ;)

For us, APU is more than the international student housing organization leader in Peru. For us, APU is our way to interact with people from all over the world, it means to do our best to make their time in Peru nicer, better and unforgettable.

The name APU comes from the quecha language (Inka's language), and it has two meannings:

- The first one is mountain. The Incas worshiped the great Andes montains.

- The second meaning is lord, divinity, spirit. An apu is the divinity or spirit that protected any town during the Inka's time.

So, the concept is that the APU is who take care of the people who live around "him"; and that is exactly what we are trying to do with you guys: Helping your friend information, creating an international family in our houses, organizing activities so that you can adapt easier to our country, and creating friendships for the long term :)

We are a team of three people with one dream: to do our best to make your time in Peru as memorable as it can be, so that you can love Peru as much at we do.

How? Well, we will "talk" about that in the following links, so please check our mision, principles and more information :)

Thanks a lot for be part of us, and let us to be part of your Peruvian experience!, do not forget to surf all the web ;)

Enjoy Peru and enjoy APU!!!

Marisa, Jose Luis, Clive and Qcha

APU Team