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APU PERU: Accommodation Student Houses & Shared Apartments Miraflores Surco - Lima. Housing services
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Office hours: 9:00 - 17:30 Monday to Friday. Peruvian Time.

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APU's history

Once upon a time ...


Hello guys, this is Qcha from APU PERU. Well, my real name is Luis Eduardo, but everybody call me Qcha :) I founded APU in 2001, and now I'm glad to tell you a bit of the history of APU. I will try to make it short, but anyway, I'm the guy at right on the video, so you guys can watch it, and I guess I will probably said the same ;)

Along with two of my best friends: Javier Loyola (El bat) and Pablo Oblitas (Benji), I started APU in February 2001. We were finishing our time in an international student foundation (AIESEC), and because things happens, we decided to made a brainstorming about how we can keep to meet people from all over the world and at the same time to be entrepreneurs. We had 23 years old.

So, after thinking about our options, we run the first house (APU1) in February 2001, without even thought about how that important it was going to be APU in our lifes and the life of some people from all over the world.

Later, Javier and Pablo took different paths, but our time together in APU strengthened our friendship. Javier left APU in 2001, he finished the school and now he has a succesful career in the field of finance in international companies. Pablo left APU in 2003, he went to Maastricht to do a master, and now is working in banking in Holland.

APU1 at the beginning had capacity for 9 people, and I still remember the good times with Alex, the first one who arrived in APU, from Belgium. And now we have the luck to host over than 160 people, friends from all over the world every year :)

We open APU2 in 2003 and APU3 (now APU4) in 2004. And between 2008 and 2010 we opened APU4, APU5, APU6, APU7, APU8 and APU9, and joined 6 apartments to our network.... crazy eh!!! And more people means more fun!

Jose Luis joined to our "team" (it means ME at that time) in 2004. At the beginning he was taking care just APU1, and then, in 2008 we started to work together leading the organization. His charisma with the people and his knowledge about houses issues have maked that his role in APU has very important. Now, he takes care about all what you need during your time in Peru.

Marisa, our Italo-Belgian teammate, came to Peru for an erasmus program in Universidad Pacifico in 2008. She not only brings us her European view for managing APU, she also (an probably even more important) give our team feminine charm and that hability that women have for taking care of the details :) Marisa joined to the managment team inmediatly in 2008. Now she have and important role in APU's strategy direction.

We have had amazing time in APU, we have had the luck to meet amazing people from all over the world during that time, and we have also had hard times like when we had to close APU1, or by dealing with mean house-owners. But over all these things, we know that they are learning experiences that enriched us and gave us more tools to make your time in Peru amazing!

About me there is not much to tell: I run APU when I had 23 years old, I lived in APU 8 years, probably the most amazing time in my whole life. I love APU because it gave awesome friends for my life, it made me learn about people, it developed myself, and it made to live my life on the way that I dreamed: Meeting great people from all over.

Now I live in Belgium, and I have my virtual APU office in my laptop ;) I go to Lima twice per year for meeting and party with the people of APU. If you want to know more about APU, just ask me for, and we can go for a coffe (or beer, that is better ;) anywhere we are, and I will love to tell you more about this lifelong-amazing-crazy-adventure called APU PERU.



APU Team